Environmental policies


The Matinsa Environmental Policy affects all resources and business lines in the company and focuses on the following aspects:

  • Strict compliance with the law and any environmental regulations applicable to the company in the performance of its business.
  • Establishment of a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Observance of prevention measures and conduct that includes environmental questions.

In order to implement this policy, Matinsa:

  • Makes correct and proper use of natural resources, acknowledging that reasonable resource management reduces costs and improves competitiveness.
  • Participates in specific training plans designed to build awareness and skills among all personnel in regard to environmentally respectful work practices.
  • Pays special attention to the handling of materials that may be potentially hazardous to the environment.
  • Notifies its clients and, where appropriate, authorities and stakeholders of any incidents that may arise in the performance of its business activity, as well as making proposals for remedial measures to be taken.
  • Lays down requirements for products and services supplied by outside companies and subcontractors in order to ensure their environmental awareness and the possible transfer of technology.
  • Includes environmental objectives and goals in its Strategic Plan that are regularly reviewed and updated.

To ensure compliance with this policy, Matinsa applies an environmental management system as a tool to monitor, review and adopt environmentally appropriate measures in the performance of its business activity.

All Matinsa personnel must understand and accept this policy and declare their understanding to the company that environmental protection and recovery measures are associated with their duties, and that the application of such measures in the provision of services results in improved environmental conditions.



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