Quality policies


Matinsa is continuously improving itself as a frontline company in the field of infrastructure conservation and maintenance. To achieve this it is necessary to:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction based on creativity, quality, price and lead-times.
  • Ensure the company’s personnel receive proper and suitable training to enable them to perform their duties.
  • Uphold decent working conditions, encouraging employee satisfaction and safety.
  • Achieve a sufficient level of profit to ensure adequate return on investment.

The Matinsa Quality Policy focuses on quality management by implementing and monitoring a quality assurance system based on:

  • Commitment at the most senior level to uphold the established Quality Policy.
  • The responsible participation of all members of the Company.

On that basis, it ensures that anyone performing tasks that may affect quality:

  • Has clearly defined roles and responsibilities for their job.
  • Has the necessary skills, receives proper training or is provided with sufficient information to perform their duties.
  • Is given the proper tools and equipment with which to carry out their duties.