FCC launches the "Diversity Sum" project and launches its website enpositivofcc, a meeting point for diversity and equality in the workplace


FCC launches the "Diversity Sum" project and launches its website enpositivofcc, a meeting point for diversity and equality in the workplace

  • The enpositivofcc website is an initiative that integrates diversity, equity and inclusion as key factors for business sustainability and competitiveness.

The Construction Area of the FCC Group presents its diversity and inclusion strategy, materialized through the "Diversity Sum" initiative. A project whose objective is to accommodate a set of different talents, accepting, respecting and taking advantage of diverse perspectives through collaborative models that recognize and defend identity, uniqueness and dignity.

Diversity must be addressed in a strategic manner to integrate it into the company, creating inclusive business models that reflect the diversity and plurality of the communities in which it operates. Therefore, the Construction Area of the FCC Group is working to strengthen its diversity strategy, and is doing it internally, performing an analysis of processes and models for the selection and management of human resources; identifying unconscious biases, corporate barriers, underrepresented social groups and opportunities to generate a deep cultural change that is integrated into the corporate model of the company.

A vision of positive diversity

The "Diversity Sum" project is beginning with the dialogue with its different stakeholders and the formation of the leaders of the organization in diversity, equity and inclusion. All this, with the collaboration of the Adecco Foundation.

Since the year 2008, the Construction Area of the FCC Group launched its equality plan, the first in the sector, there are multiple and diverse measures of development and positive actions implemented, having allowed the establishment and promotion of an environment organizational respectful of diversity. Actions and programs to promote equality, diversity and labor integration have been proactively promoted to contribute to the well-being of people.

The whole project can be seen through the web that we premiered today www.enpositivofcc.com

The strategy to publicize the project internally, started a few months ago through the campaign "Disability in positive", developed together with the Adecco Foundation, with the aim of publicizing the commitment of the company to the social and labor inclusion of the People with disabilities. This campaign was led by employees of FCC, and it’s Construction Area, linked to disability, and by Pablo Pineda, diversity consultant at the Adecco Foundation and the first European university student with Down syndrome. The mission of the project is to favor the social and labor inclusion of people at risk of exclusion (people with disabilities, women victims of gender violence, etc.).

About the Construction Area of the FCC Group

The Construction Area of the FCC Group, an international reference in environmental services, water and construction, has an experience of more than 115 years and is among the first construction companies in Europe and the world.

The activities of the Construction Area of the FCC Group cover all areas of engineering and construction, and is a benchmark in the execution of civil works (roads, railways, airports, hydraulic works, maritime, tunnels, bridges, meters, stations purifiers) and building (residential and non-residential: hospitals, football stadiums, museums, offices).

He also has proven experience in the development of projects under the concession regime and, in addition, has a set of companies dedicated to the industrial, energy sector, grouped under a single brand FCC Industrial, and other activities related to the construction sector.

About Adecco Foundation

Established in July 1999, the Adecco Foundation is the result of Corporate Social Responsibility assumed by the Adecco Group as a world leader in Human Resources management. Its main objective is the insertion in the labor market of those people who, due to their personal characteristics, find more difficulties when it comes to finding a job.

  • People with disabilities
  • Over 45 years of long-term unemployed
  • Women with non-shared family responsibilities or victims of gender violence
  • Other groups at risk of social exclusion