Water works

This business line includes four types of jobs:

  • Maintenance and operation of AWIS (Automatic Water-level Information Systems), which comprises the preventive and corrective maintenance of its systems and installations and adapting them to new technologies, as well as the transmission from the points of emission, storage and processing of data in the water board Data Processing Centre, improvements to hardware and development of new software, continuous updating of hydrological models and water parameters and water usage and reservoir status graphs.
  • Dam Maintenance, which includes performing an inventory of all components, preventive maintenance of the facilities and mechanisms, cleaning dam walls and pre-fabricated parts, repainting, etc. It also includes corrective maintenance, resolving any detected incidents and repairing items that are not in full working condition, replacing valves, etc.
  • Dam Auscultation, which consists of fitting meters that collect data, as well as storing and processing it to provide information about the onset or development of physical damage that may endanger the safety of the dam, and to ensure corrective action is taken in good time.
  • Canal Maintenance, includes servicing training walls and pits, tow paths, signage and safety equipment, as well as all electro-mechanical installations and infrastructure necessary to operate the canal in both normal and emergency situations.