Matinsa provides low voltage (LV) electrical installation and maintenance of thermal installations in buildings (RITE) with registration number 114093. This industrial certification is complemented by the Energy Service Provider to provide a complete service its clients in energy efficiency.

The works are coordinated by the Department of Energy Efficiency, which has the resources necessary to provide safe, reliable and quality the following services:

Monitoring of energy consumption in all types of facilities

  • Auditing energy in industry and buildings as well as issuing corresponding energy certifications
  • Advising and auditing for compliance with the RD56 / 2016 on energy efficiency
  • Advising on building efficient infrastructure and sustainable mobility
  • Measuring the carbon footprint
  • Conducting studies to improve lighting in tunnels, industrial environment and opencast facilities
  • Implementing energy management systems and their certification
  • Advising on buying power

From this same Department it has developed the R + D + i "Intelligent Lighting System in Tunnels. Danae System ", funded by the Centre for Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In addition to this project they are developing two more aimed at improving the management of maintenance and operation of facilities in tunnels and power generation.

All these projects, along with extensive experience in the management and maintenance of infrastructure, differentiates Matinsa from other energy suppliers. In the case of maintenance contracts managed by Matinsa, it helps customers improve lighting quality in their facilities, reduces their consumption and expenditure on energy, as well as reinforcing their commitments to environment and sustainability.

Matinsa is a member of the Association of Energy Efficiency (A3e). The organisation aims to improve the quality of services delivered by companies operating in the energy efficiency sector.